The Sdrisciola farm...

...was founded a few years after the end of the war by Alvino Tognoni and his wife Tosca, The farm takes its name after the area of their home, right in the center of the Val di Cornia, a few kilometers from Populonia Hilltop .

The area is famous for its’s etruscano necropolis , the castle that overlooks Baratti Gulf and the beach’s harming golden beaches bordering the feilds.

The beach extends to Piombino, an ancient town which in time became one of the most important steel manufacturers in the area. On the other side, we find San Vincenzo, Venturina, Campiglia and Suvereto, little buzzing tourist towns that offer a pituresque atmosphere and many food events such as fairs and food festivals.

It’s precisely in the gastronomic sector which is a speciality in these parts, the our company introduces itself , founded in 1981 by Sauro, son of Alvino and Tosca, the Apicoltura Tognoni *Tognoni Apiculture starts off as just a passion, but later becomes an full scale business with equipped laboratory and sales point.

With the passing of the years, we bought new machinery and improved the hives.

We tried to increase production with different types of honey amongst the typical ones of our territory. Regardless of the problems we faced during the years ( Bee parasites, pollution, weed killers..) we’ve continued to produce excellent honey in both quantity and quality, obtained with the system of cold extraction.

Because off this, today we’ve begun work on the restructuring of the laboratory and the sales point, as well as investing capital to increase the number of hives.

We produce, not only the honey, but also derived products that our loyal clients know and that the new ones seem to particularly appreciate.

Many people are changing lifestyle , coming closer to a more natural way of living. It’s for this reason that they choose little companies like ours . We try to repay this trust by putting the maximum efforts in researching new types of products which are healthy, tasty and of quality.


The typical honey varieties we produce are as follows


 Macchia Mediterranea * Mediterranean Maquis- a rare honey, rich in minerals and of iridescent flavour depending upon the season


Acacia Honey – delicate flavour, very fine and velvety Properties – corroborant, aperient, antinflamatory for the throat, pathologies of the digestive system, disintoxicating for the liver, conteracts stomach acidity


Fiori vari- Mixed Flowers* Very delivate flavour, without evident aftertastes Properties- Detoxifying for the liver


Girasole-Sunflower* Not very sweet, dry with a pollen aroma Properties- Anti-neuralgic , febrifuge, combats cholesterol, re-calcifying for the bones


Castagno-Chestnut* Very intense flavour, with a bitter aftertaste Properties – Improves circulation, antispasmodic, astringent, disinfectant of the urinary pathways, recommended for the elderly and children


Eucalipto-Eucalyptus* - malt and caramel flavour Properties- Natural antibiotic, anti-asthmatic , useful for coughs and colds.


In smaller quantities we produce:  


Erika- Erica Flower* A strong flavour that reminds one of anice Properties – An anti-rheumatic effect, antianemic and a good tonic.

Corbezzolo –Arbutus Flower* Extremely bitter taste and thick consistency Properties- Astringent, diuretic , antiseptic of the urinary pathways , anti-asthmatic.


Honey, isn’t the only thing produced by bees, infact we’ve got ..


Pollen: Vegetable-related taste which isn’t too often liked, but is preferable in yogurt and milk Properties- highly proteic and ideal as an anti-stress


Propolis tincture- excellent for infections of the respiratory system. Natural antibiotic.




Our Varieties of Honey that accompany Cheese:



Honey and Chilli

Honey and Truffles

Honey and Italian saffron

Honey and Modena IGP Vinegar




Our Variegated Honey Enriched with different types of herbs and spices

that add to their beneficial effects


Honey and Tumeric

Honey and Cinnamon

Honey and Ginger

Honey and Propolis.



Last but not least, the “Delizia” honey with cocoa and hazelnut paste that has conquered the palate of both young and old.


Furthermore we have started work to expand the current laboratory and also the sales as the space we currently have is no longer satisfying our production needs, which has continued to grow with the years.


We have decided to insert a second laboratory to produce cosmetics and especially natural soaps made with primarily olive oil of our own production, enriched with honey and bee wax

We would like to offer our guests a degustation of our products, from the wine to oil and other typical products of our countryside, and also we offer guided visits.